Flood in Phuket


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In the morning the 26:th of December 2004 a big wave destroyed the coastline in the Island-paradise Phuket in Thailand.

Our VRCC member Carsten, who lives here for some years, was an eyewitness to this terrible accident.

On the following pages he tries to inform us about what influence these waves have had on the country and on the people who lives there.

Due to the size of the disaster the member of VRCC has decided to contribute to people which has suffered most.

Carsten has opened an account for you to place some money on. Here are the details:


Pl mark with: Spende Flutopfer Phuket

Carsten is trying to support a family who has lost everything in this accident. He will personally check that the money will be used in a correct way.

INEW 02.01.05

In the meantime there is also other who will support the Luek family so Carsten has decided that he will support a special group of people, the Chao´le or the Gypsies of the Sea. Some more information here. 




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