Luek's Family


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Family pictures


  Luek is the person who is known by Carsten, his age is 32  he is married and has two daughters in the age of 2 and 4.
All together there are 15 relatives in this family. There bssines was a smal restaurant and a couple of straw covered huts which you could rent.
The most of them could bring there self in a safe position before the big wave reached the coastline becuse they also notice that the sea was going extremly back.
Some of them got smal injuries but nothing was realy bad.
Tragicly was that all there property where flushed away or demolished. There Home, there existence, everything...
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  Carstens Valkyrie among the battlefield in Ya Nui Beach


  delivery of the goods to the Family from Luek at the Ya Nui Beach


  lonesome waits the smashed bike from the kids in the mittle of the place what the house just to be


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