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What a Weekend. A big compliment to the Volunteer Working committee from the first UK Euro Meet in Newport Gwent South Wales: Ian, Bob, Pete, Pat, John, Ave, Steve C, Steve B, Glynis, Jim und Jan.

Bine and I started to the Meet on Sunday the Week before. We decided to travel in a comfortable Way course South Wales. Because we only travel via country road , we saw a loot of nice Villages but it lasted a long until we reach our first destination at Gunda and Ede Place. Planed was Breakfast but it was Lunchtime as we reached them. Gunda made a real good meal for us and even Ede awakes from his Nightshift sleep. Much obliged to you both for this generously host.


Our next Stop was more casual because it starded to rain. We stoped at the Village Wietzen a here at a very extraordinarily Hotel. The Owner called Edi has driven everything what you could get in the early seventies. He was one of the first costumer that bought a Harley directly from Hein Gerike in Hamburg . (I personaly saw the Contract) He also hat several BSA, Norton and some modern japanese stuff like the legendary sevenfifty and so on.  He had lots of Photoalbums that he showed us.  BTW if you in the Area and wont to stop by be pepared for another passion of thus guy but look for youre self.


Now he collects tractors. There where really some Monster tractors among, but look for your self.


Some Videos are here aprox. 2,3MB , here aprox. 2,7MB and here aprox.1,2MB


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