Family pictures


Nach oben


delivery from electrical devices to Luek's Family
New delivery from household hardware to the family
just now the mother from Luek recived 50,000.- Thai Baht
here the place where the house just to be...

the remains of Luek's Restaurant...
These two, in a higher region builted houses witch Luek  rented to the tourists, are now the home of the Big Familyl
  the big girl is happy about the new toys, the small one is to bussy for anythink... she smiles



Mother from Luek next to Carsten and his Girlfriend Nam


little daughters name is Ning, 2 Years .

big Girls name is Benz, 4 Years

The mother of the two beauty's is Toy

both kids where rescued in last minute from there parents as the big wave apears.

The little one has some abrasion over here right eyebrow.

Carsten couldn't resist here wish after some icecream...



behind them the destroyed  fridge ...



Happy about the delivery...


all togehter there are 15 persons in the Family. Everyone survived !!


Carstens Girlfriend fells in Love with the sweet Girls.

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